About ReaXium Clean Air

As the world responds to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have formed partnerships to fight and mitigate the risk of exposure

Together we can protect private and public places of all kinds...

Protect the air in all types of vehicles with AirBubbl

Solution Features

  • The AirBubbl is the only in-vehicle air cleaner that filters up to 97% of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and up to 95% of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Filters more than 95% of airborne viruses and contaminated particulate matter.
  • Floods the vehicle with over 30,000 liters of clean air every hour to keep drivers and passengers safe.


Personal Vehicles

The enclosed space inside a vehicle carrying multiple occupants is at risk for the transmission of COVID-19. Protect your family, friends, and yourself by providing clean air. Get the peace of mind you deserve.

Private Hire & Taxi

Trust AirBubbl to give your customers and drivers the added protection and confidence they need to get back to business safely.

Emergency Vehicles

Front line workers are at high risk from exposure to airborne viruses and unsafe levels of air pollution. Give them the added protection of clean air inside their vehicles.

Corporate Fleet

Air pollution is up to 2.5x higher inside a vehicle than outside, posing a serious health risk for drivers. Give your employees clean air and peace of mind.

Public Transport

Safe, dependable public transport is key to keeping the country moving. The AirBubbl can provide critical driver protection, helping to keep services consistent and reliable.

Clean, Seal And Protect Surfaces Of All Kinds With Nano4You

  • Enhance substrates used for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Eco-friendly Bio Cleaners and Nanotech Sealers.

  • Using molecular nanotechnology, the active ingredients have the smallest atomic structures possible resulting in deeper penetration at the surfaces, longer protection life and unbeatable performance.

  • Sealers are made with water repellent nanoparticles that create a nanoparticle bond at the molecular level preventing water from entering the pores.
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Porous Surfaces

Roofs & Facades

Marble & Granite





Protect areas of all sizes with Life 100

Life100 offers a variety of UVC smart disinfectant purifiers that were designed for crowded places:

  • 99.9% air and surface elimination of bacteria, germs, and viruses.
  • Supply voltage - 110 V

  • Power supply frequency: 50 Hz

  • Body material: steel
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Fever and mask detection with the BA8200-T


Access Control & Hand Sanitizing With LV128-XD

It can be easily integrated with the BA8200-T for a comprehensive solution.

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